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How It Works

A Quick Graphic Design Process Built to Meet Your Needs

At ADVAN, our expert team of graphic designers can offer you fast design without sacrificing quality. We combine our creativity and marketing expertise to customize your brand with one-of-a-kind design. Whether it’s a logo, brochure, email blast, or website, you can trust us to meet your goals. Our close-knit team resides in Stow, Ohio, and we are proud to represent companies in Northeast Ohio and beyond. We are an expanding business that prides ourselves on a community atmosphere to facilitate creativity. When you choose ADVAN, you choose to work with all of us, and in return we choose to give you fast design, expert marketing, and SEO strategies that work.

How the Fast Design Process Works

Onboarding: First, we’ll meet with your team and gather the background information and details needed for the project.

Creative Brief: Next, we’ll draft a brief that describes the project: its objectives, goals, messaging, and deliverables.

Mood Board: If required, we’ll create a mood board that is consistent with the project goals. We’ll include things like color palette, font, imagery, and graphic inspiration.

Wireframe (for web projects only): A wireframe defines the layout of a webpage. The wireframe includes copy, captions, quotes, and calls-to-action.

Concept and Layout: For logos and other projects, a concept is created. Once the concept is approved, it is translated into a layout.

Client Approval: The piece will need final approval from your team, whether it’s a logo, webpage, brochure, etc.

Production: For print projects, the final art is handed off to a printer. For websites, it is developed and programmed.

Delivery: All done! The final product is handed off to the client.


How to get started